S2 aims to engage with the communities it operates in and to ensure its activities are compatible with the expectations and requirements of these communities.


The Company's exploration projects are in unpopulated or sparsely populated areas of bushland, although some areas are also utilised by pastoral lease holders and other stakeholders. In addition to considering the interests of these land users we also endeavour to utilise local people and services where appropriate. In an early stage exploration context this includes sourcing goods from local communities and using local people and contractors for site preparation and rehabilitation activities.

This also includes engagement and co-operation with traditional land owners where the Company's activities overlap with the territories and interests of these communities.

Prior to commencing work which may impact the local area, heritage and ethnographic surveys are routinely undertaken in conjunction with traditional landowners to ensure sites of significance are not adversely impacted and, where appropriate, avoided.

Sweden and Finland

We always engage with the communities and other stakeholders in the areas in which we operate and try to ensure all our exploration activities cause the minimum disturbance possible. We consult landowners and local Reindeer herders to ensure the timing of our activities are mutually beneficial. The team have a proven track record of building trust and long term working relationships with local communities.