S2 Resources' objective is to provide superior investment returns through the discovery and development of high value mineral resources, as a result of exploration and the identification of early stage assets with high growth potential.  S2 Resources is focused on mainstream commodities such as gold and base metals in politically stable jurisdictions such as Australia and Europe , and is well funded to pursue its strategy.

S2 Resources is well positioned to achieve its objective, having a portfolio of highly prospective and strategic ground, a pipeline of opportunities, a strong balance sheet, a highly successful team of explorers, and a breadth of corporate experience.

S2 Resources is managed by former key founding members of Sirius, who have a high level of corporate and equity capital markets experience, and a strong track record of creating value for shareholders. It's exploration and evaluation activities are also managed by former key founding members of Sirius, who have a high level of technical and practical exploration and resources expertise and experience, and a very good track record of discovery. The Company aims to leverage its global knowledge and networks to identify additional opportunities with high prospectivity and low entry costs.

The S2 Resources team has retained and built on the corporate culture and ethos it created at Sirius, namely, to optimise effectiveness and efficiency by maximising the money going into the ground and minimising overheads and to shorten the time frame to success by staying focussed and exploring very actively.

S2 Resources is also committed to ensuring a safe workplace for its employees and contractors, wherever it operates; to comply with all environmental requirements and minimise the impact of its activities in the areas in which it operates; and to engage with the local communities to ensure its activities are compatible with the expectations and requirements of these communities, and beneficial to them.