The Board and management of S2 will never compromise an individual’s safety or well-being for the sake of "getting the job done", and we expect the same mindset from our employees and contractors.

We acknowledge that the long-term sustainability and viability of our business depends on best practice and continuous improvement in our health and safety management programs.

It is S2's policy and goal to provide a safe and healthy place of work for all.

In order to achieve this goal, the Company’s strategy includes the following key elements:

  • Taking into account health and safety as the priority in S2 business decisions.
  • Establishing the resources and management systems to assess, control and monitor risks associated with company operations.
  • Compliance with legal statutory instruments aimed at promoting health and safety management. Where there are no adequate legal requirements, applying internal standards that minimise, as far as reasonably practicable, any adverse impacts arising from our operations.
  • Ensuring that all employees are aware of their responsibilities regarding health and safety issues
  • Adopting an attitude of openness combined with working constructively with organizations concerned with health and safety.
  • Contributing to the development of responsible national and regional policies, regulations and legislation that may have an impact on our business.
  • Managing the risks associated with occupational health & safety on a site-specific basis to achieve the planned health and safety outcomes.

The ultimate responsibility for achieving these goals rests with the Board of S2, and this responsibility is accordingly delegated to all management levels.